Isn’t it time we view health from a fresh perspective?

Health is derived from what we eat, what we do and what we believe.

Naturvore - (noun) an omnivore who resists eating manufactured foods. But the term also represents and a particular desire, to be the most biologically authentic form of yourself, the version of you that provides optimal health.


Optimal health can become your physical reality over weeks. Don't delay, call us now!


Helping You Take Control

The management of chronic disease can mask the signs or symptoms of organ failure, allowing internal damage to continue, while the root cause is not addressed. Almost assuredly, as another organ begins to fail, additional prescriptions will be assigned, thereby creating the situation where poly-pharmacy, chronic disease and multi organ failure have become commonplace in our society. Dr Harpe will empower you to prevent this from happening. 

Providing Clarity

We provide clarity in what is is to be really healthy.  

A Better Way

Disentangle your sense of health from industrial medical ideals and only use medications and procedures as absolutely necessary. Your health is your essence, your self-expression, your physical quality of life. Real health means you look better, feel better and perform better. You should not settle for less!  

Dr Harpe chooses not to sell supplements, special tests or hormone therapies because these tend to steal your precious resources and prevent you from realizing your most optimal health. Real health is sustained through natural means.




Charles C. Harpe, MD

Dr Harpe is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and has 20 years of experience treating diabetes, heart disease, strokes, cancer and most arthritis conditions. Dr Harpe is also a physical fitness expert who can assist you in realizing your real fitness potential! Click here to learn more and also go to