Isn’t it time we view health from a fresh perspective?

Health is derived from what we eat, what we do and what we believe. Naturvore: an omnivore that does not consume manufactured foods, possesses a strong ethic of self-preservation and relies on nature to improve his/her physical condition. read-more-benefits

Through Naturvore Life, you can explore the best sense of hope, the one inherent to your most authentic body and mind. Optimal health is not abstract, but a physical reality. Optimal health is also the best guarantee for personal freedom and security, now and in the future.

Helping You Take Control

The majority of modern healthcare often usurps our power and diminishes our control over health matters. Don't allow this to happen. It is not difficult to see that the management of chronic disease can mask the signs or symptoms of organ failure, allowing internal damage to continue, while the root cause is not addressed. Almost assuredly, as another organ begins to fail, additional prescriptions will be assigned, thereby creating the situation where poly-pharmacy, chronic disease and multi organ failure have become commonplace in our society. Naturvore Life will empower you to prevent this from happening. 

Providing Clarity

We provide clarity to your health circumstances and free you from the potent medical-industrial traps, the gimmicks and the fads that keep you ill and disillusioned throughout your prescious days of life.  

A Better Way

Your health is your essence, your self-expression, your physical quality of life. This is not created by laboratories or fashioned out of adjustments made in one's test results. 

Real health means you look better, feel better and perform better.  

Naturvore Life does not sell you supplements, medical tests, hormones or the latest health gimmick because these tend to divert your precious resources and distract you from the most important aspects of your health and life. We ensure your success in a sustainable way.




Charles C. Harpe, MD

Dr Harpe is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and has vast experience treating diabetes, cardiovascular disease, strokes, cancer and arthritic conditions. He is also a physical fitness expert. Therefore, your medical conditions need not hold you back from reaching your fitness goals. Don’t delay, find real health now! Click here to learn more.