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Charles Harpe, M.D.Charles C. Harpe, M.D. 


I received my medical degree from the University of Miami, School of Medicine and completed residency in internal medicine at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT. I have practiced internal medicine for over 17 years and served in numerous medical leadership roles including the Board of Directors for the Utah Partnership for Healthy Weight (a non-profit public policy initiative) and the Davis County Health Board. 

After accumulating 55 pounds of excess body fat, then undergoing a change of heart, I have vast experience in matters of health and real passion for fitness. My transformation to a much healthier person (and physician) during my mid forties provides credibility above and beyond my medical certifications. Therefore I am equipped to help just about anyone in the pursuit of their health dreams. I know how to empower people to improve their health, no matter their limitations or medical diagnoses.

Having practiced medicine for almost two decades, as well as becoming a fitness expert, I can provide clarity to one's health picture, therefore you can expect an unbiased assessment and plan of action. I believe medical care and one's health are entirely separate universes. One consultation with me will prove that.

Everyone should understand what they can do in a proactive, natural way to secure health and happiness. Medical testing, medical procedures and prescription medications often complicate matters without ever making us healthier. Don't settle for a complicated regimen of chronic disease care, an inferior form of health, when you can have the real thing! Be bold and improve your health fate right now! We can help.





claudia-harpe-ms-otrClaudia Harpe, MS, OTR


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

I received my Bachelors in Biology and Masters in Occupational Therapy at Florida International University.  I am also the proud mother of three teenagers, love photography, hiking and scuba diving. I believe we all desire and have the ability to be healthy.  However,  even though we may have the best intentions, it still remains difficult to make healthy choices in our busy lives.   I work closely with Dr. Harpe to help you implement a personalized wellness program that is not a "quick fix" to loose weight, but rather a lifestyle change that will promote lasting health benefits. 



Charles C. Harpe, MD

Dr Harpe is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and has 20 years of experience treating diabetes, heart disease, strokes, cancer and most arthritis conditions. Dr Harpe is also a physical fitness expert. Engage him and find your real fitness potential! Click here to learn more.