Mission & Testimonials




My mission is to create a stronger society by virtue of healthier people.




Working with Dr. Harpe and using his Naturvore precepts for less than TWO MONTHS, I have lost 12 pounds, my blood sugar is under control and I have been able to cut back on nearly all insulin and several other medications for cholesterol etc. Thank you so much Dr. Harpe. You are Heaven sent for me. And this is written from my heart.

–Linda H.


I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Harpe for introducing me to the Naurvore concept. I reduced 22 pounds over a 2 month period, even at 77 years old. 

–Bob C.


Dr Harpe, I am stunned. You took me on as a new patient at 73 years old and reduced my cholesterol from 294 (Triglycerides 525, LDL "unable to calculate") in August 2013 to a cholesterol level 218 (Trilycerides 134, LDL 146) by October 2013. My life has improved and NO MEDICATIONS! Thank You.

–Linda S.


"Dr Harpe, I want to congratulate you on this profound, mind-opening system to health. Thank you for doing what you do."

–Carol T.




Charles C. Harpe, MD is a naturvore (noun), an omnivorous human who resists eating manufactured foods. His passion is discovering biological authenticity.